Guide for Authors



Style Sheet



Font: Times New Roman, the main text including abstract font size 12. Examples font size 11, end-notes font size 10, and references font size 12.



Title: Time New Roman, font size 14, bold, and capitalize each word.


Author and Affiliation: The author’s name should be in Time New Roman, font size 12,  italics and justified . Affiliation should be Calibri, font size 11.


Section headings should be in bold and numbered using Arabic numerals with (e.g. 1; 1.1; 1.1.1). Capitalize only the first letter of the first word.


Spacing: Use spacing 2 in the body of manuscript. . For abstract, long citations, examples, end-notes and references use spacing 1.


Margins: standard A4 pages in single column format (margin 2.5 cm.)


Paragraphs: Do not indent paragraphs. The entire text, including references must be justified. Leave a blank line between paragraphs.


Notes: avoid using notes, if possible. When using notes, use end-of-text notes rather than footnotes. End-notes should be numbered and in font size 10, placed after the main text and followed by references.



Use only one space between words and after punctuation marks.


Examples: Examples should be numbered, italics, font size 11.


Tables, graphs and pictures: All tables, graphs and pictures should be in MS Word format, ordered numerically and have a caption underneath the table, graph or picture in font 11.


In the text, spell out numbers one - twelve and all numbers in sentence initial position.




Check whether the reference list follows APA style.